Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Dog Translucent #18

This was, unfortunately, the last of the strips to appear in Select magazine. This was back in the day before mobile phones and I was working night shifts, so they found it difficult to get hold of me. I guess they found this frustrating since they simply stopped printing my strips, so that Dog Translucent is forever trapped in the clutches of this anonymous bad guy. Ah well, it had run its course - I was finding it harder to write for it. And this two year run looks good on the cv, but only for people old enough to remember Select.


Anonymous said...

I am old enough to remember dog translucent in Select, it was the first bit I read at the back of the magazine before I read any other bit :-) in fact, believe it or not, I wrote a letter of complaint (embarassingly inarticulate) to them when they stopped printing DT. They printed it but took the piss :-( I tried!
Ange x

Ersby said...

Well, I appreciate the effort. Thanks.