Saturday, 7 February 2009

Tiny Manu #38

So the other day when I was at lunch, a guy stopped me in the street and said he was from Radio Bristol. He was asking people if they'd taken a day off work because of all the snow. I said I hadn't, I was just on a break. He asked if many people had made it in, and I said they had (in fact, I was quite surprised about how many came in. I work at the council, after all) and then he asked if I resented those who didn't, and I said "Nah, I'm quite easy-going." He laughed and said thanks. I don't know if I made it to air.

Next week is my birthday. Last year I had a barbeque on my birthday, it was so warm.


chris said...

Snooty cow. Actually what he is doing is teaching Manu about lifes priorities. A day off to spend creating a young persons memories.

I hope in the next panel he's saying "Ok dear, you enjoy your day at work with your morals. Meanwhile I'll be at home teaching our daughter on how to make a snowman."

This strip is real isn't it? These people exist right?

Ersby said...

Actually, I wish I'd said something like that to the radio guy. I'm sick of hearing people whine about the loss of childhood and then banging on about irresponsible parents taking a day off to play in the snow with their families.

But, yes. They are real.