Sunday, 12 July 2009

The research of Tom Purdoo #5


Ersby said...

The years 1660-1690 bore a vintage crop of mad or corrupt politicians. There were several murderers: Sir Thomas Armstrong, Richard Coote, Roger Kirkby, Sir Johnathon Jennings and others.


In terms of sexy scandals, Thomas Thyme II married a 14 year old and John Davey married an 11 year old and Edward Montague was sacked for making amorous advances to Queen Catherine of Braganze.

She's too good for him.

And many more besides such as Philip Howard, who arranged the murder of his ex-wife's servants. It almost makes you think that perhaps today's MPs are all bad.

No, it doesn't.

Ersby said...

In fact, I left out the most interesting politician of the time due to space issues. Goodwin Wharton was a failed deep sea diver who went into politics (probably helped by coming from an influential family, even if he was practically estranged from his father).

He kept a diary in which he described many imaginary love affairs with famous women, in which he sired many imaginary children. He also went on a treasure hunt guided by advice from a dead convict, and he also believed he was king of the faeries.

Interesting fellow.