Saturday, 19 September 2009

Torino: looking up

So, I’m back from a week in Turin, or Torino (call it what you want: they’ll just be happy that someone mentioned them) and when I was there I was more determined to treat it like a tourist, rather than as someone who used to live there. To that end, I decided to look up more often, like tourists do. In doing so, I noticed a lot of fake or bricked in windows I hadn’t seen before. I found this quite peculiar, so I used my crappy mobile phone to take some pictures.

This mixture of real window frame and lintel and fake window kind of sums up Torino. Famous for its industrial output more than any cultural reasons, and kind of dismissed by other Italians as grey and unfriendly, but it definitely warrants a closer look, since it seems like there’s always something that you missed at first glance and there’s another story around every corner.

I told my friend about me looking up more as we were walking through town, and she took me to a nearby church, where it is said if you look up, you can see the face of the devil staring down at you.

Makes a change, I suppose...

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