Friday, 17 September 2010

Dog Translucent #20


Cookie said...

When I was a student in the 90s our house got Select every month and always turned to Dog Translucent first, and I'm highly delighted to find him again. Yet I'm sure there was one episode which finished with that month's human saying "Wow - you learn something new every day" - to which Dog Translucent (or maybe Dog Opaque - seems more like a Dog Opaque utterance) replied "I don't". Did this exist? I'm sure we can't have hallucinated it - it entered the idiom of the house for years afterwards.

Ersby said...

Blimey, thanks for the kind words. You're right, there was one that ended that way - I wanted a bit of pathos in DT's life - but I can't find it in my copies. Must've got lost somewhere. Pity. I'm going to see my mum next week - perhaps it's at her house.

You know, I should do more Dog Translucent because, apart from the joke about Sigmund Freud, it's the one thing that gets the most hits on this blog. Even after sixteen years!