Saturday, 16 July 2011

Guessing ages at the check-out

Today I was in the Co-op, waiting in the queue, when there was a delay with the people in front of me. While this was being sorted out, I watched the guy on the other check-out as he worked. I was especially interested in the stuff that comes up on his screen, since that's something I don't normally see.

He was checking out this middle-aged woman's shopping and when it came to something alcoholic, there was a screen asking if the person was over 18, and also "What age does this person look?" The guy typed in 45, which was accurate I suppose, but I thought "Couldn't you compliment her? Say she's forty. I know she'll never find out, but there's no need to be so harsh."

And then I thought the next time I'm buying something alcoholic from Co-op, should I ask them what age they put for me? I'd be quite interested, but I think it might be a bit annoying for the check-out person. Basically, I'd be asking for a compliment.

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shammois said...

am I being overtly sensitive when I say this seems invasive to both customer and staff member?