Friday, 20 July 2007

If you're here from amnap

... you're probably wondering why a blog about consciousness and related subjects links here. Well, let me explain. A while ago the idea was put forth that I should share blogging duties on A Method Not A Position, putting forth the more skeptical side of things. To do so, I needed to register on blogspot. However, it was then decided that was unworkable, so the idea was dropped.

So the idea was then for me to have a blog about parapsychology that amnap could link to on occasion. But when I sat down to write it I found that I really didn't have much to say, and reading other skeptical or non-skeptical blogs for inspiration was pretty disheartening. In the end I decided (as you may have noticed) to drop parapsychology in favour of funny drawings. A good choice, I may say, because since then my interest in parapsychology has waned somewhat. I still lurk on forums and blogs, but that's about it.

So there you go. That's why there's a link to here. It's nice of Matthew to reference me now and again, and I admit I like the idea of people clicking on the link expecting more philosophical musings, only to be faced with something like a comic strip about bedtime stories. I wonder what they think.

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