Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Small Soap #1

Another new format. This time the idea is simple - take a typical soap opera storyline and condense it down to five frames. So far I've come up with a few ideas, so perhaps it has potential. We shall see.


Wormwood said...

How about:
"I would like to buy your house or business from you"
"How much?"
"Well I could just tell you, like 99% of the population..."
"...but instead I will write it down on this bit of paper"
"You have a deal"

richard said...

by the way, that's me, richard

sam morrison said...

Something about established characters changing personality to suit a storyline? This is a feature of Aussie soaps...

Ersby said...

Yes, I remember you pointing out to me that soaps generally keep stories going by having one person acting unreasonably.

Tricky to fit into five frames, but certainly one to think about.

Chris. said...

How about,
I'm an angry, bad new character
My first storyline will pit me against a main character
Actually I'm misundertood
I become a main character
Actually I'm nice and we will all forget I wasn't

sam morrisoon said...

That's good Chris. Equally:

I'm a good character who plays the harmless simpleton or matriarchal mum - then suddenly my past as a murderer/stalker/obsessive is revealed, rendering years of behaviour completely incongruous.

Wormwood said...

How about : I'm a character who can buy stamps in the mini-mart or drinks at the bar just by nodding and mouthing the words 'thank you'.

Might be difficult to put in a strip though.

Ersby said...

Interesting ideas. I may use them all.