Thursday, 26 June 2008

Some good news

So, recently my luck seems to have changed a little as far as getting stuff accepted goes. Nothing earth-shattering, nor anything published any time soon, but still good.

First, the UK magazine The Skeptic has accepted The Institute for Knowing Things for publication. But this is a quarterly publication, and so the first strips will not be seen until January 2009. It's not paid, but will look good on the cv.

Next, a website Dads-space. A new comic strip I've been working on for them, called Dad on Arrival, has gone down well and will be part of the proper launch in October of this year. Not sure what part it'll play, but it'll be in there somewhere. This is a proper paying gig, so Dad on Arrival won't be appearing on here, but I'll put up links as and when necessary.

High five me, somebody.


Wormwood said...

Great news indeed!
See you sunday

chris said...

This is good. Does this mean I can stop letting you beat me at poker?

Zara said...

Can't wait to see it! :o)

Yay team you! x