Wednesday 28 May 2008

Monday 26 May 2008

From the sketchbook #7

I often wonder about putting up rough sketches of strips on this blog, but rarely do since I don't want to ask people to decipher my scritchy scratchy writing, and it's uncommon to think of a strip that wouldn't be improved by drawing it up neatly. Also, published sketchbooks tend to be pretty boring. Even if they're from excellent artists such as Chris Ware or Dave McKean, I find myself flipping through them, half-disinterested. And sometimes, such as with Spike Milligan's posthumously published sketches, they can be so bad that they lower my opinion of the rest of the writer's work.

Having said all that, this little meditation on how to deal with the blank page pleased me, and the spontaneous nature of it seems better suited than drawing it again with more care.

Us Lot #11

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