Saturday 29 December 2007

Wednesday 26 December 2007

Golf at Letchworth

Since it is Christmas I am back at the family home in Hertfordshire, and as I sit at an unfamiliar computer, by my side is a book entitled "Golf At Letchworth". It begins: "Before embarking upon the story of golf at Letchworth a brief account of the history of the area might be of interest to the reader and help put our sporting activities into perspective. There was a time when there was no life on Earth..."

Holy shit, talk about starting at the beginning!

Saturday 22 December 2007

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Monday 10 December 2007

Cheese doodles

I like to walk home after work. It takes a couple of hours, but it keeps me fit, and since I try to do it at least three times a week I reckon it's saved me a coupe of hundred pounds in the last year. Usually I take the time to listen to a podcast or think about my life, work, the future, etc.

Today, however, I found myself gripped by a particularly inane thought. First I came up with the idea that it might be a good idea to market a very large ball of mozzarella cheese with the brand name "That'sa Lotsa Mozza". Then I wrote an advertising jingle for it based on Joe Dolce's "Shaddap You Face" with the following words:

"That'sa Lotsa Mozz-AH
Wanna make a pizz-AH
Or maybe a salad
Itsa not so bad
Itsa nice-a taste

So for a large chunk of my walk today - at least from Elephant and Castle down most of Old Kent Road - instead of thinking new ideas for cartoons or what my next career move should be, every couple of minutes I'd find myself thinking "AH, FILLUPPA YOU FACE!"

It was Hell.

Sunday 9 December 2007

Saturday 8 December 2007

Thursday 6 December 2007

Tiny Manu #8

Actually, this is my Japanese homework. Translation follows...

Frame 1:
Mother: Today, we're going to make risotto.
Manu: Yes! That's right!

Frame 2:
Mother: First, we cut the vegetables.
Manu: Chop chop.

Frame 3:
Mother: We finely cut the onions.
Manu: I'm crying now.

Frame 4:
Mother: Chop up the potatoes.

Frame 5:
Mother: Add aubergines and apples.
Manu: Apple? Very interesting.

Frame 6:
Mother: Next, grate the cheese.
Manu: Cheeeeeeeese.

Frame 7:
Mother: Next, make the stock.
Manu: Of course.

Frame 8:
Mother: You must use delicious stock. It's important.

Frame 9:

Frame 10:

Frame 11:
Mother: Put the onion in a frying pan.
Manu: Of course.

Frame 12:
Mother: Cook the onion until it's brown.

Frame 13:
Mother: Add the stock and rice.
Manu: Finished!

Frame 14:
Mother: No, it is not finished.
Manu: Sorry. I did not know.

Frame 15:
Mother: Next, put in the potatoes and carrots.
Manu: Of course.

Frame 16:
Mother: Lastly, add aubergine and apples.

Frame 17:
Mother: Add the stock again.

Frame 18:
Mother: It takes fifteen minutes.
Manu: Right, I shall sing the risotto song!

Frame 19:
Manu: Risotto o atsumete

Frame 20:
Mother: But this is not the risotto song.
Manu: Really?

Frame 21:
Mother: It is "Kaze o atsumete". It's a very famous song.
Manu: It is my favourite song.

Frame 22:
Mother: Do you want to stir?
Manu: Yes! Thankyou very much!

Frame 23:
Manu: I am cooking!

Frame 24:
Mother: The risotto is done, so add cheese.
Manu: Cheeeeeeese.

Frame 25:

Frame 26:
Mother: Put it in quickly please.
Manu: I must be careful.

Frame 27:
Manu: There!

Frame 28:
Mother: Stir again.
Manu: Of course.

Frame 29:
Mother: There. It's finished.
Manu: Tiny Manu cooking!

Then there is a recipe for risotto, which I won't translate because there are better recipes out there on the internet, and at the end Manu is saying "Itadakimasu" which means "bon appetit!"

Sunday 2 December 2007