Monday, 10 September 2007

Regaining my Italian

I'd forgotten how boring Mondays in Turin are. A lot of shops are shut, especially in the morning. Anyone going to the shopping centre at the Lingotto would have been forgiven for thinking there was a war on.

Meanwhile, I'm happy that my Italian has stood up better than I thought. Although my friend's English hasn't. While speaking to her on the phone we tried to arrange to meet at a concert. I asked "Where?" twice and twice she misunderstood. I think she thought I said "yeah" the first time" and I've no idea what she thought the second time. It wasn't until I said "Dov'é?" that I got an answer.


Anonymous said...

why are you making your friend speak English, lazy bones? When in Rome... almost literally.

Ersby said...

Because she's Australian.

Should've made that cleaer, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

It's funnier this way