Sunday 28 September 2008

Old practical jokes that no one seems to do any more (if they ever did)

Glueing money to the pavement

In the olden days, it was considered hilarious to glue money to the paving stones and laugh as people tried to pick it up. Nowadays no one stops for anything less that £1 and, frankly, if you've got a pound, you may as well spend it.

Having money on a thread

See a pattern emerging here? It must've been something to do with the great depression. Oh, and apparently thread was invisible in those days.

Putting a brick under a hat

People in the olden days loved to kick hats. So if you put a brink under a hat in the street, passersby wouldn't take it and keep it (although these are the same people who'd pick a tupenny bit off the floor), instead they'll kick it with all their might. Hence the disguised brick. And fractured metatarsal. These days brick and hat have been replaced by a pile of leaves carefully placed on top of a fresh dog turd.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I once superglued a fifty pence piece to the pavement outside my family home. It was there for sometime, occasionally providing a distraction for me as I washed up. Then one day a particularly determined chav spent a full 10 minutes kicking it until it gave way.

I wonder what he spent his hard earned cash on?