Sunday, 5 April 2009

It's the cat's meow #66

Of course, I didn't actually come up trumps first time and I had to tweak the "name" of the woman before I got a decent percentage. While I was doing that, though, I thought it'd be easier to change the name of the man, since I've never used it in a strip - only used it in notes and character outlines - so no one would ever really know I'd changed it just for the sake of this one joke. But I refused. Some stupid purist part of me insisted that if his name was Will, then that's how it is and the joke would just have to work around that.

For the record, the woman in this strip is Ella, the one with the wavy hair is Roz and the one in the sari is Sumitra.

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chris said...

Thats not Will.