Saturday, 16 March 2013

The longest knock knock joke I know

One day, there was this guy who visited a nearby town and he since he was in the neighbour hood, he decided to spring a surprise visit on an old friend. So he walked up to the front door and he knocked, like this:

Knock, knock.

Nothing special. Just two quick raps on the door. Well, the woman inside was quite surprised. She wasn't expecting anyone and, besides, who could it be at this hour? Maybe it was someone to read the meter, she wondered as she walked towards the door, fully intending to open it.

But then she paused. What if it wasn't that simple? It could be a Jehovah's Witness and she could end up caught in an awkward conversation about religion which she doesn't know how to end. She wasn't in the mood for that, so she paused at the door and, without opening it, she asked:

"Who's there?"

A perfectly reasonable question, since the man at the door hadn't been invited and wasn't expected. Yet, something inside him caused him to be a bit cheeky, and instead of his real name, he gave a pseudonym instead.


Now, the woman was most taken aback by this turn of events. She knew about the Greek playwright, but he had died well over two thousand years ago. Unwilling to believe that his spirit had returned from the afterlife just to enter her house, she then wondered if it might not be a relative or some such, and so she enquired.

"Euripides who?"

The man, famous amongst his friends for his quick wit, saw an opportunity for a gag that was too good to miss. He suppressed his laughter and replied:

"Euripides trousers, you mend-a dese trousers!"

Original joke taken from an episode of The Young Ones. I forget which one.

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