Monday 1 July 2013

Life Drawing 01/07/2013

This was my first life drawing session for a few weeks and, up until my brief break I’d been growing uneasy about my drawing style. On the one hand, it usually produced things which I found pleasing to look at. On the other, it was becoming a little too easy.

The style in question was to use rougher, more haphazard lines that I previously had, and no shading at all. This was a reaction against my previous style of drawing, in which I tried to use as few lines as possible, relying on shading to bring out the shapes and forms. But this meant I ended up with vague, ill defined, washed out drawings. Hence the change to a bolder stlye.

Now, after some months of drawing predominantly with lines and no shading, I decided it was becoming too familiar. Also, I noticed that if I tried to shade in a drawing I done, it would often reveal that the proportions were wrong. I’d stopped looking at the model properly in favour relying on a style that I knew would produce something nice.

So, today I forced myself to shade in my drawings (assuming there was time). I’m quite pleased how well they came out.

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