Thursday, 6 December 2007

Tiny Manu #8

Actually, this is my Japanese homework. Translation follows...

Frame 1:
Mother: Today, we're going to make risotto.
Manu: Yes! That's right!

Frame 2:
Mother: First, we cut the vegetables.
Manu: Chop chop.

Frame 3:
Mother: We finely cut the onions.
Manu: I'm crying now.

Frame 4:
Mother: Chop up the potatoes.

Frame 5:
Mother: Add aubergines and apples.
Manu: Apple? Very interesting.

Frame 6:
Mother: Next, grate the cheese.
Manu: Cheeeeeeeese.

Frame 7:
Mother: Next, make the stock.
Manu: Of course.

Frame 8:
Mother: You must use delicious stock. It's important.

Frame 9:

Frame 10:

Frame 11:
Mother: Put the onion in a frying pan.
Manu: Of course.

Frame 12:
Mother: Cook the onion until it's brown.

Frame 13:
Mother: Add the stock and rice.
Manu: Finished!

Frame 14:
Mother: No, it is not finished.
Manu: Sorry. I did not know.

Frame 15:
Mother: Next, put in the potatoes and carrots.
Manu: Of course.

Frame 16:
Mother: Lastly, add aubergine and apples.

Frame 17:
Mother: Add the stock again.

Frame 18:
Mother: It takes fifteen minutes.
Manu: Right, I shall sing the risotto song!

Frame 19:
Manu: Risotto o atsumete

Frame 20:
Mother: But this is not the risotto song.
Manu: Really?

Frame 21:
Mother: It is "Kaze o atsumete". It's a very famous song.
Manu: It is my favourite song.

Frame 22:
Mother: Do you want to stir?
Manu: Yes! Thankyou very much!

Frame 23:
Manu: I am cooking!

Frame 24:
Mother: The risotto is done, so add cheese.
Manu: Cheeeeeeese.

Frame 25:

Frame 26:
Mother: Put it in quickly please.
Manu: I must be careful.

Frame 27:
Manu: There!

Frame 28:
Mother: Stir again.
Manu: Of course.

Frame 29:
Mother: There. It's finished.
Manu: Tiny Manu cooking!

Then there is a recipe for risotto, which I won't translate because there are better recipes out there on the internet, and at the end Manu is saying "Itadakimasu" which means "bon appetit!"

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Anonymous said...

If its a japanese strip shouldn't it start in the bottom right pane and work backwards? Or is that Chinese strips. I forget now.