Tuesday 1 September 2009

Google Night View

Well, it’s all gone a bit Twin Peaks on Google Street View, with this night-time trip down several country roads in Alaska. The fact that it’s fragmented – one bit here, one bit there - gives it a weird accidental feel as if they didn’t mean this to be here. Perhaps the driver kept nudging the camera on and off as they drove home. Why this should be uploaded, I’ve no idea, but I’m glad that it has. It has a certain claustrophobic beauty. As you move along the road, you do get the feeling that you’re about to go past a parked pick-up truck with all the lights on, but no one inside.

Edit: nope, they've replaced it with some ordinary daytime views. How dull.

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Or you can muck about in Google Maps here.

Edit again: thanks to Google Maps new history option, it's back if you click on the clock icon in the top left hand corner. This is what it looked (looks) like.

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